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Price of Russian Tourist Visa

*The prices are for single tourist visa.
*Only people who don’t use passport for 40 days or more can order.
*Foreigner’s required documents may changes and adds. We will inform you about this when you order to us.
*We will tell you about necessary documents and the number of days acquired after order.


Nationality By period of passport deposit and application to Russian consular.
China 29900
India 17900
Taiwan 19600
USA (United States of America)
*If you are a US citizen, please enter information on the application form site.
*If you are a Australia citizen, please enter information on the application form site.
Germany 17600
France 17600
Italy 17600
Poland 17600
Switzerland 17600
Cambodia 15900
Other nations Please contact us



* Currently, we don’t provide application service to consulates.(reffer)。



* It is necessary that expiration-date is more than 6 months from the departure-date and there are more than 2 blank pages in opened.
* The number of days from application to getting a visa depend on Russia holiday. Also, as it takes mailing days, please apply for us in plenty of time as you can.
* It needs the mailing fee by customers except for visa price, and the transfer fee if you use bank transfer. Please be assured that the mailing fee for returning to the customer is included in the price.
* In principle, cancellation and refund after application can not be done. Also, we can not refund the application even if the application is not accepted by Russian embassy (consular section).
* We can not assume the responsibility for lost or accident during mailing.



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The person in charge will contact you within 1 business day usually.
Please check your spam mail folder if you feel our e-mail is so late.
Our phone number : 070-1183-1572
Reference : Frequently Asked Questions